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Vapour-phase graphene epitaxy at low temperatures


Graphene, epitaxial growth, remote plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (RPECVD), highly ordered pyrolytic graphite (HOPG), SiC, transfer, mobility


ABSTRACT We report an epitaxial growth of graphene, including homo- and hetero-epitaxy on graphite and SiC substrates, at a temperature as low as ~540 °C. This vapour-phase epitaxial growth, carried out in a remote plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (RPECVD) system using methane as the carbon source, can yield large-area high- quality graphene with the desired number of layers over the entire substrate surfaces following an AB-stacking layer-by-layer growth model. We also developed a facile transfer method to transfer a typical continuous one layer epitaxial graphene with second layer graphene islands on top of the first layer with the coverage of the second layer graphene islands being 20% (1.2 layer epitaxial graphene) from a SiC substrate onto SiO2 and measured the resistivity, carrier density and mobility. Our work provides a new strategy toward the growth of graphene and broadens its prospects of application in future electronics.

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