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Multiplexed dot immunoassay using Ag nanocubes, Au/Ag alloy nanoparticles, and Au/Ag nanocages


Keywords Silver nanocubes – Au/Ag nanocages – plasmon resonance – functionalized plasmonic nanoparticles – dot immunoassay – multiplexed biosensing


Abstract We report the first application of Ag nanocubes, Au/Ag alloy nanoparticles, and Au/Ag nanocages in a multiplexed dot immunoassay. The assay principle is based on the staining of analyte drops on a nitrocellulose membrane strip by using multicolor nanoparticles conjugated with biospecific probing molecules. Nanoparticles were prepared by a galvanic replacement reaction between the Ag atoms of silver nanocubes and Au ions of tetrachloroauric acid. Depending on the Ag/Au conversion ratio, the particle plasmon resonance was tuned from 450 to 700 nm and the suspension color changed from yellow to blue. The particles of yellow, red, and blue suspensions were functionalized with chicken, rat, and mouse immuno gamma globulin (IgG) molecular probes, respectively. The multiplex capability of the assay was illustrated by a proof-of-concept experiment involving simultaneous one-step determination of target molecules (rabbit anti-chicken, anti-rat, and anti-mouse antibodies) with a mixture of fabricated conjugates. Under naked eye examination, no cross-colored spots or nonspecific bioconjugate adsorption were observed, and the low detection limit was about 20 fmol.


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