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Is graphene aromatic?


Graphene, aromaticity, adaptive natural density partitioning (AdNDP), chemical bonding, electronic aromaticity indices, multicenter indice (MCI)


We analyze the chemical bonding in graphene using a fragmental approach, the adaptive natural density partitioning method, electron sharing indices, and nucleus-independent chemical shift indices. We prove that graphene is aromatic, but its aromaticity is different from the aromaticity in benzene, coronene, or circumcoronene. Aromaticity in graphene is local with two π-electrons delocalized over every hexagon ring. We believe that the chemical bonding picture developed for graphene will be helpful for understanding chemical bonding in defects such as point defects, single-, double-, and multiple vacancies, carbon adatoms, foreign adatoms, substitutional impurities, and new materials that are derivatives of graphene.

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