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Catalyst-free synthesis and shape control of CdTe nanowires


Nanowires, CdTe, amine activation, oriented attachment, shape control


ABSTRACT The procedure reported here allows for the size and shape control of CdTe nanowires by means of colloidal chemistry. Thus, ultrathin, straight, saw-tooth-like and one-sided branched nanowires with zinc blende structures could be synthesized. Their formation does not require any catalyst and is most likely due to the oriented attachment of nanoparticles formed in the beginning of the reaction. The use of oleylamine as a solvent turned out to be crucial in order to achieve CdTe nanowires. The reaction between oleic acid and oleylamine in the presence of CdO proved to be essential, not only to activate the Cd precursor but also to provide reaction conditions facilitating nanowire formation by oriented attachment.

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