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Perpendicularly self-oriented and shape-controlled L10-FePt nanorods directly synthesized by a temperature-modulated process


Magnetic materials, data storage, FePt nanorods, self-assembly, perpendicular magnetic alignment


The synthesis and self-assembly of tetragonal phase-containing L10-Fe55Pt45 nanorods with high coercive field is described. The experimental procedure resulted in a tetragonal/cubic phase ratio close to 1:1 for the as-synthesized nanoparticles. Using different surfactant/solvent proportions in the process allowed control of particle morphology from nanospheres to nanowires. Monodisperse nanorods with lengths of 60 ± 5 nm and diameters of 2–3 nm were self-assembled in a perpendicular oriented array onto a substrate surface using hexadecylamine as organic spacer. Magnetic alignment and properties assigned, respectively, to the shape anisotropy and the tetragonal phase suggest that the self-assembled materials are a strong candidate to solve the problem of random magnetic alignment observed in FePt nanospheres leading to applications in ultrahigh magnetic recording (UHMR) systems capable of achieving a performance of the order of terabits/in2.

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