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Graphene-based conducting inks for direct inkjet printing of flexible conductive patterns and their applications in electric circuits and chemical sensors


Flexible, inkjet printing, solution-processed, graphene, conductive patterns, applications


ABSTRACT A series of inkjet printing processes have been studied using graphene-based inks. Under optimized conditions, using water-soluble single-layered graphene oxide (GO) and few-layered graphene oxide (FGO), various high image quality patterns could be printed on diverse flexible substrates, including paper, poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) and polyimide (PI), with a simple and low-cost inkjet printing technique. The graphene-based patterns printed on plastic substrates demonstrated a high electrical conductivity after thermal reduction, and more importantly, they retained the same conductivity over severe bending cycles. Accordingly, flexible electric circuits and a hydrogen peroxide chemical sensor were fabricated and showed excellent performances, demonstrating the applications of this simple and practical inkjet printing technique using graphene inks. The results show that graphene materials—which can be easily produced on a large scale and possess outstanding electronic properties—have great potential for the convenient fabrication of flexible and low-cost graphene¬based electronic devices, by using a simple inkjet printing technique.

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