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Synthesis of large area, homogeneous, single layer graphene films by annealing amorphous carbon on Co and Ni


Single layer graphene, amorphous carbon, epitaxial metal, annealing


ABSTRACT The synthesis of large area, homogenous, single layer graphene on cobalt (Co) and nickel (Ni) is reported. The process involves vacuum annealing of sputtered amorphous carbon (a-C) deposited on Co/sapphire or Ni/sapphire substrates. The improved crystallinity of the metal film, assisted by the sapphire substrate, proves to be the key to the quality of as-grown graphene film. The crystallinity of the Co and Ni metal films was improved by sputtering the metal at elevated temperature as was verified by X-ray diffraction (XRD). After sputtering of a-C and annealing, large area, single layer graphene that occupies almost the entire area of the substrate was produced. With this method, 100 mm2-area single layer graphene can be synthesized and is limited only by the substrate and vacuum chamber size. The homogeneity of the graphene film is not dependent on the cooling rate, in contrast to syntheses using polycrystalline metal films and conventional chemical vapor deposition (CVD) growth. Our facile method of producing single layer graphene on Co and Ni metal films should lead to large scale graphene-based applications.

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