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Metal@Silica yolk-shell nanostructures as versatile bifunctional nanocatalysts


Yolk–shell nanostructure, nanocatalyst, bifunctionality, metal nanoparticles, heterogeneous catalytic reactions


Recent developments in nanochemistry offer precise morphology control of nanomaterials, which has significant impacts in the field of heterogeneous catalysis. Rational design of bifunctional catalysts can influence various aspects of catalytic properties. In this review, a new class of bifunctional catalysts with a metal@silica yolk–shell nanostructure is introduced. This structure has many advantages as a heterogeneous catalyst since it ensures a homogeneous environment around each metal core, and particle sintering is effectively eliminated during high temperature reactions. The catalysts exhibit high activity and recyclability in gas- and solution-phase reactions. It is anticipated that appropriate selection of bifunctional components and optimal structural control will significantly further enhance the catalytic properties, and enable target reaction-oriented development of new catalysts.

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