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Biomimetic corrugated silicon nanocone arrays for self-cleaning antireflection coatings


Antireflection, silicon nancone (SiNC) arrays, reactive ion etching, nanosphere lithography, superhydrophobic


Corrugated silicon nanocone (SiNC) arrays have been fabricated on a silicon wafer by two polystyrene-sphere- monolayer-masked etching steps in order to create high-performance antireflective coatings. The reflectance was reduced from above 35% to less than 0.7% in the range 400–1050 nm, and it remained below 0.5% at incidence angles up to 70° at 632.8 nm for both s- and p-polarized light. The fluorinated corrugated SiNC array surface exhibits superhydrophobic properties with a water contact angle of 164°.

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