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Ag2Se complex nanostructures with photocatalytic activity and superhydrophobicity


Nanostructures, photocatalytic, photoluminescence, superhydrophobicity, silver selenide


Single-crystalline Ag2Se complex nanostructures have been synthesized via a solvothermal route in which selenophene (C4H4Se) as a selenylation source reacts with AgNO3 at a temperature of 240 °C. An orthorhombic phase β-Ag2Se nanostructure was identified by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Raman spectroscopy, field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM), high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM), and photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy. The wettability of the as-synthesized β-Ag2Se nanostructure was studied by measurement of the water contact angle (CA). Static water CA values of over 150° were obtained, which can be attributed to the β-Ag2Se complex nanostructure having a combination of micro- and nanostructures. The superhydrophobic Ag2Se nanostructure may find applications in self-cleaning. Additionally, the photocatalytic activity of the as-synthesized β-Ag2Se nanostructure was evaluated by photodegradation of rhodamine B (RhB) dye under ultraviolet (UV) light irradiation.

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