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Synthesis and device applications of high-density aligned carbon nanotubes using low-pressure chemical vapor deposition and stacked multiple transfer


Aligned carbon nanotubes, chemical vapor deposition, high-density, high performance transistors


For nanotube-based electronics to become a viable alternative to silicon technology, high-density aligned carbon nanotubes are essential. In this paper, we report the combined use of low-pressure chemical vapor deposition and stacked multiple transfer to achieve high-density aligned nanotubes. By using an optimized nanotube synthesis recipe, we have achieved high-density aligned carbon nanotubes with density as high as 30 tubes/μm. In addition, a facile stacked multiple transfer technique has been developed to further increase the nanotube density to 55 tubes/μm. Furthermore, high-performance submicron carbon nanotube field-effect transistors have been fabricated on the high-density aligned nanotubes. Before removing the metallic nanotubes by electrical breakdown, the devices exhibit on-current density of 92.4 μA/μm and normalized transconductance of 13.3 μS/μm. Moreover, benchmarking with the aligned carbon nanotube transistors in the literature indicates that our devices exhibit the best performance so far, which is attributed to both the increased nanotube density and scaling down of channel length. This study shows the great potential of using such high-density aligned nanotubes for high performance nanoelectronics and analog/RF applications.

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