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In situ loading of Cu2O nanoparticles on a hydroxyl group rich TiO2 precursor as an excellent catalyst for the Ullmann reaction


Cuprous oxide, in situ, composite structure, titania precursor, Ullmann type cross coupling


An in situ method has been used to load Cu2O nanoparticles on the surface of a hydroxyl group rich TiO2 precursor. Cu2O nanoparticles are formed by in situ reduction of Cu(OH)2 with Sn2+ ions linked to the surface of the TiO2 precursor. The initial Cu2O nanoparticles serve as seeds for subsequent particle growth. The resulting Cu2O nanoparticles are evenly dispersed on the surface of the TiO2 precursor, and are heat and air stable. The as-prepared composite is an excellent catalyst for Ullmann type cross coupling reactions of aryl halides with phenol. The composite catalyst also showed good stability, remaining highly active after five consecutive runs.

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