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Towards flexible all-carbon electronics: Flexible organic field-effect transistors and inverter circuits using solution-processed all-graphene source/drain/gate electrodes


Solution processing, flexibility, all-graphene-electrode OFETs, inverter circuits


Flexible organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) using solution-processable functionalized graphene for all the electrodes (source, drain, and gate) have been fabricated for the first time. These OFETs show performance comparable to corresponding devices using Au electrodes as the source/drain electrodes on SiO2/Si substrates with Si as the gate electrode. Also, these devices demonstrate excellent flexibility without performance degradation over severe bending cycles. Furthermore, inverter circuits have been designed and fabricated using these all-graphene-electrode OFETs. Our results demonstrate that the long-sought dream for all-carbon and flexible electronics is now much closer to reality.

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