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Dopant-controlled synthesis of water-soluble hexagonal NaYF4 nanorods with efficient upconversion fluorescence for multicolor bioimaging


Crystal growth, hexagonal NaYF4, nanocrystals, fluorescence, bioimaging


A novel strategy is proposed to directly synthesize water-soluble hexagonal NaYF4 nanorods by doping rare-earth ions with large ionic radius (such as La3+, Ce3+, Pr3+, Nd3+, Sm3+, Eu3+, and Gd3+), and the dopant- controlled growth mechanism is studied. Based on the doping effect, we fabricated water-soluble hexagonal NaYF4:(Yb,Er)/La and NaYF4:(Yb,Er)/Ce nanorods, which exhibited much brighter upconversion fluorescence than the corresponding cubic forms. The sizes of the nanorods can be adjusted over a broad range by changing the dopant concentration and reaction time. Furthermore, we successfully demonstrated a novel depth-sensitive multicolor bioimaging for in vivo use by employing the as-synthesized NaYF4:(Yb,Er)/La nanorods as probes.

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