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Efficient synthesis of graphene nanoribbons sonochemically cut from graphene sheets


Graphene nanoribbon, graphene oxide, synthesis, sonochemical cutting


We report a facile approach to synthesize narrow and long graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) by sonochemically cutting chemically derived graphene sheets (GSs). The yield of GNRs can reach ~5 wt% of the starting GSs. The resulting GNRs are several micrometers in length, with ~75% being single-layer, and ~40% being narrower than 20 nm in width. A chemical tailoring mechanism involving oxygen-unzipping of GSs under sonochemical conditions is proposed on the basis of experimental observations and previously reported theoretical calculations; it is suggested that the formation and distribution of line faults on graphite oxide and GSs play crucial roles in the formation of GNRs. These results open up the possibilities of the large-scale synthesis and various technological applications of GNRs.

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