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Shape control of CoO and LiCoO2 nanocrystals


CoO, LiCoO2, nanocrystals, lithium-ion batteries


Shape control of nanocrystals has become a significant subject in materials science. In this work, we describe a convenient way to achieve morphology-controllable synthesis of CoO nanocrystals including octahedrons and spheres as well as LiCoO2 polyhedrons and spheres. In particular, we explain the formation of CoO octahedrons exposing only high-energy (111) facets using theoretical calculations; these should also be a useful tool for directing future face-controlled preparation of other nanocrystals. More importantly, the as-obtained LiCoO2 nanocrystals showed different electrochemical performance depending on their morphology, indicating that Li-insertion/deintercalation dynamics might be crystal face-sensitive.

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