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Vacancy ordering and lithium insertion in III2VI3 nanowires


Nanowire (NW), vacancy ordering, superlattice, Ⅲ2Ⅵ3, lithium insertion


Superlattice structures resulting from vacancy ordering have been observed in many materials. Here we report vacancy ordering behavior in 2 3 nanowires. The formation of layer-like structural vacancies has been achieved during the synthesis of In2Se3 nanowires through a vapor-transport route. Doping In2Se3 nanowires with small amounts of Ga during synthesis can completely change the structural vacancy ordering from a layer-like to a screw-like pattern for (InxGa1 x)2Se3 nanowires. Lithium atoms can fi ll in the layer-like structural vacancies of In2Se3 nanowires and generate new types of vacancy and lithium atom ordering superlattices. The screw-patterned vacancies of (InxGa1 x)2Se3 nanowires show reversible lithium insertion. Our results contribute to the understanding of structure property correlations of 23 materials used in lithium ion storage, photovoltaics, and phase change memory.

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