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Myoglobin/gold nanoparticles/carbon spheres 3-D architecture for the fabrication of a novel biosensor


Biosensor; myoglobin; gold nanoparticles; carbon spheres; hydrogen peroxide; direct electron transfer


A novel biosensor based on a myoglobin/gold nanoparticles/carbon spheres (Mb AuNPs CNs) 3-D architecture bioconjunction has been fabricated for the determination of hydrogen peroxide (H2222< range from 0.28 mol/L to 116.5 mol/L and a detection limit of 0.12 mol/L. The Michaelis¨CMenten app constant K value was estimated to be 0.3 mmol/L. The resulting biosensor exhibited fast amperometric M O . response, and good stability, reproducibility, and selectivity to

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