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Self-organized growth of complex nanotube patterns on crystal surfaces


Nanotubes, self-organization, surface science, nanostructures, nanofabrication, self-assembly


The organization of carbon nanotubes into well-de? ned straight or curved geometries and arrays on surfaces is a critical prerequisite for their integration into nanocircuits and a variety of functional nanosystems. We review the recent development of a new approach to carbon nanotube organization based on self-organized growth directed by well-defined crystal surfaces, or “nanotube epitaxy”. We identify three different modes of surfacedirected growth, namely by atomic rows, atomic steps, and nanofacets. Particular emphasis is given here to the combinations of such surface-directed growth with external forces—like those exerted by an electric ? eld or gas ? ow—for the creation of well-de? ned complex geometries, including crossbar architectures, serpentines, and coils.

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Tsinghua University Press