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Surface exciton-plasmon polariton enhanced light emission via integration of single semiconductor nanowires with metal nanostructures


Semiconductor nanowires, surface plasmon polaritons, nanowire waveguides, emission enhancement, gratings


The light emission enhancement behavior from single ZnO nanowires integrated with metallic contacts is investigated by micro-photoluminescence measurements. Apart from surface plasmon polaritons at the air / metal interface, the emission of a single ZnO nanowire can be coupled into guided modes of surface exciton- plasmon polaritons (SEPPs). The out-coupling avenues of SEPP guided modes are modeled in the presence of nanostructures, such as corrugation and gratings, on the metal surface. The guided modes of SEPPs in metal- contacted ZnO nanowires are calculated using the effective index method. The enhanced light emission from single semiconductor nanowires shows promise for use in highly ef? cient nano-emitters and nano-lasers, as well as macroscopic solid state light sources with very high ef? ciency.


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