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Reliable sensors based on graphene textile with negative resistance variation in three dimensions


reduced graphene oxide textile, transverse-strain sensor, pressure sensor, negative resistance variation, human body states


The weft-knitted reduced graphene oxide (r-GO) textile that is made up of many conductive r-GO coated fibers was successfully prepared dependent on the electrospray deposition technique. Interestingly, the r-GO textile presents negative resistance variation not only in axial direction as the pressure increases but also in transverse direction as the lateral stretch increases which makes it has the advantage to fabricate the reliable sensors based on strain-resistance effect. The transverse-strain and pressure sensors based on the r-GO textiles all show the excellent sensing characteristics such as high sensitivity, reliability, and good durability, etc. The maximum gauge factors (GF) of the transverse-sensor are 27.1 and 153.5 in the x- and y-direction, respectively. And the practical detection range can up to 40% in the x-direction and 35% in the y-direction, respectively. The r-GO textile pressure sensor also shows high sensitivity for a broad pressure range that with a GF up to 716.8 kPa-1 for less than 4.5 kPa region and still has more sensitive pressure sensing characteristics even the pressure goes up to 14 kPa. Based on those good performances of r-GO textile sensors, its potential applications in human body states monitoring have been studied.


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