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Biomimetic nanomedicine toward personalized disease theranostics


diseases, theranostics, personalized, nanomedicine, biomimetic


Despite nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems have aroused broad research interest in the biomedical fields, the rising challenges such as easy recognition by the immune system and low accumulation in diseased sites significantly hinder their further clinical translation. Nanoparticles wrapped in cell membrane have emerged as a distinctive strategy to overcome these limitations due to the superior marriage of natural cell membrane and artificial nanomaterials, which endow them with prominent advantages in disease diagnosis and treatment, such as targeted drug transport, prolonged drug half-life, and diminished immunogenicity and cytotoxicity. In this review, we mainly highlight and discuss the evolving progresses and advantages of cell membrane-based biomimetic nanosystems in the detection and treatment of various diseases over the past five years, including oncology, bacterial infections, brain diseases, and inflammatory diseases, which would benefit researchers in better and comprehensively understanding the complicated microenvironment of diseases and developing personalized biomimetic nanomedicines for different diseases. The current challenges and potential opportunities for the future clinical translation of cell membrane coating nanotechnology are also covered.


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