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Two-dimensional materials for light emitting applications: Achievement, challenge and future perspectives


two-dimensional materials, light emitting devices, optoelectronic devices, perovskite, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), perovskite light emitting device (LED)


The two-dimensional (2D) materials have been widely developed recently in material characteristics with advanced optical and electrical properties, and they have been extensively studied as candidates for the next generation of optoelectronic devices. This review will mainly focus on the preparation methods and the light emitting applications of 2D transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), 2D black phosphorene (BP) and 2D perovskites. The review will first introduce the preparation methods for TMDs and BP. Due to the variations of band structure, exciton binding energies and light-matter interaction in TMDs and BP, the different light emitting devices (LEDs) designs based on TMDs and BP will be discussed and summarized. Then the review will turn the focus to 2D perovskites, starting with a description of the preparation methods for the different structural perovskites. In order to review and summarize the achievements of 2D perovskites-based LEDs, the high efficiency perovskites LEDs are discussed. Finally, the review will present challenges, opportunities, and outlook for the future development of 2D materials-based light emitting applications.


Tsinghua University Press