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Synthesis of magnetic two-dimensional materials by chemical vapor deposition


two-dimensional materials, magnetic materials, chemical vapor deposition, properties tuning


The development of magnetic two-dimensional (2D) materials in its infancy has generated an enormous amount of attention as it offers an ideal platform for the exploration of magnetic properties down to the 2D limit, paving the way for spintronic devices. Due to the nonnegligible advantages including time efficiency and simplified process, the facile bottom-up chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is regarded as a robust method to fabricate ultrathin magnetic nanosheets. Recently, some ultrathin magnets possessing fascinating properties have been successfully synthesized via CVD. Here, the recent researches toward magnetic 2D materials grown by CVD are systematically summarized with special emphasis on the fabrication methods. Then, heteroatoms doping and phase transition induced in CVD growth to bring or tune the magnetic properties in 2D materials are discussed. Characterizations and applications of these magnetic materials are also discussed and reviewed. Finally, some perspectives in need of urgent attention regarding the development of CVD-grown magnetic 2D materials are proposed.


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