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Two-dimensional polymer nanosheets for efficient energy storage and conversion


two-dimensional (2D) polymer nanosheets, 2D polymerization, batteries, supercapacitors, photo(electro)catalysis


As a promising graphene analogue, two-dimensional (2D) polymer nanosheets with unique 2D features, diversified topological structures and as well as tunable electronic properties, have received extensive attention in recent years. Here in this review, we summarized the recent research progress in the preparation methods of 2D polymer nanosheets, mainly including interfacial polymerization and solution polymerization. We also discussed the recent research advancements of 2D polymer nanosheets in the fields of energy storage and conversion applications, such as batteries, supercapacitors, electrocatalysis and photocatalysis. Finally, on the basis of their current development, we put forward the existing challenges and some personal perspectives.


Tsinghua University Press