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From intrinsic dielectric loss to geometry patterns: Dual-principles strategy for ultrabroad band microwave absorption


geometry patterns, numerical simulation, three-dimensional (3D) printing, broadband microwave absorption


As electromagnetic absorbers with wide absorption bandwidth are highly pursued in the cutting-edge electronic and telecommunication industries, the traditional dielectric or magnetic bulky absorbers remain concerns of extending the effective absorption bandwidth. In this work, a dual-principle strategy has been proposed to make a better understanding of the impact of utilizing conductive absorption fillers coupled with implementing artificial structures design on the absorption performance. In the comparison based on the microscopic studies, the carbon nanotubes (CNTs)-based absorbers are confined to narrow operating bandwidth and relatively fixed response frequency range, which can not fulfill the ever-growing demands in the application. With subsequent macroscopic structure design based on the CNTs-based dielectric fillers, the artificial patterns show much more broadened absorption bandwidth, covering the majority of C-band, the whole X-band, and Ku-band, due to the tailored electromagnetic parameters and more reflections and scatterings. The results suggest that the combination of developing microscopic powder/bulky absorbers and macroscopic configuration design will fundamentally extend the effective operating bandwidth of microwave.


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