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Ion implantation assisted synthesis of graphene on various dielectric substrates


graphene, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), ion implantation, dielectric substrates


Direct synthesis of high-quality graphene on dielectric substrates is of great importance for the application of graphene-based electronics and optoelectronics. However, high-quality and uniform graphene film growth on dielectric substrates has proven challenging due to limited catalytic ability of dielectric substrates. Here, by employing a Cu ion implantation assisted method, high-quality and uniform graphene can be directly formed on various dielectric substrates including SiO2/Si, quartz glass, and sapphire substrates. The growth rate of graphene on the dielectric substrates was significantly improved due to the catalysis of Cu. Moreover, during the graphene growth process, the Cu atoms gradually evaporated away without involving any metal contamination. Furthermore, an interesting growth behavior of graphene on sapphire substrate was observed, and the results show the graphene domains growth tends to grow along the sapphire flat terraces. The ion implantation assisted approach could open up a new pathway for the direct synthesis of graphene and promote the potential application of graphene in electronics.


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