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Single crystalline CeO2 nanotubes


CeO2 nanorod, hydrothemal transformation, CeO2 nanotube, etching-dissolution-deposition mechanism, haloperoxidase-like activity


Here, we report a facile synthetic methodology to prepare uniform single crystalline CeO2 nanotubes through a hydrothermal transformation of CeO2 nanorods in aqueous Ce(NO3)3 solution. A chemically driven etching-dissolution-deposition mechanism is proposed, involving the surface Ce3+ hydrolysis and dissolution at tips of nanorods and subsequent redeposition and crystallization on the outer sides of nanorods. Compared to CeO2 nanorods, CeO2 nanotubes exhibited the richer structural defects, higher reducibility and larger surface area, leading to a higher haloperoxidase-like activity.


Tsinghua University Press