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A microporous aluminum-based metal-organic framework for high methane, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide storage


metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), gas storage, methane, hydrogen, carbon dioxide


We report a microporous aluminum-based metal-organic framework (MOF), BUT-22 for high methane (CH4), hydrogen (H2), and carbon dioxide (CO2) storage. At 296 K and 80 bar, BUT-22 exhibits a high gravimetric CH4 storage capacity of 530 cm3 (STP)/g (0.379 g/g). BUT-22 also has a high gravimetric H2 storage capacity of 12 wt.% at 100 bar and 77 K. In addition, the CO2 adsorption studies revealed that BUT-22 exhibits a high absolute gravimetric CO2 uptake of 1.7 g/g at 296 K and 40 bar.


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