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Highly effective H2/D2 separation in a stable Cu-based metal-organic framework


metal-organic framework (MOFs), hydrogen isotope, separation, breakthrough experiments


A three-dimensional copper metal-organic framework with the rare chabazite (CHA) topology namely FJI-Y11 has been constructed with flexibly carboxylic ligand 5,5'-[(1,4-phenylenebis(methylene))bis(oxy)]diisophthalic acid (H4L). FJI-Y11 exhibits high water stability with the pH range from 2 to 12 at temperature as high as 373 K. Importantly, FJI-Y11 also shows high efficiency of hydrogen isotope separation using dynamic column breakthrough experiments under atmospheric pressure at 77 K. Attributed to its excellent structural stability, FJI-Y11 possesses good regenerated performance and maintains high separation efficiency after three cycles of breakthrough experiments.


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