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Coarse and fine-tuning of lasing transverse electromagnetic modes in coupled all-inorganic perovskite quantum dots


perovskite quantum dots, coherent lasing, transverse electromagnetic mode, stimulated emission


Inorganic perovskite lasers are of particular interest, with much recent work focusing on Fabry-Pérot cavity-forming nanowires. We demonstrate the direct observation of lasing from transverse electromagnetic (TEM) modes with a long coherence time ~ 9.5 ps in coupled CsPbBr3 quantum dots, which dispense with an external cavity resonator and show how the wavelength of the modes can be controlled via two independent tuning-mechanisms. Controlling the pump power allowed us to fine-tune the TEM mode structure to the emission wavelength, thus providing a degree of control over the properties of the lasing signal. The temperature-tuning provided an additional degree of control over the wavelength of the lasing peak, importantly, maintained a constant full width at half maximum (FWHM) over the entire tuning range without mode-hopping.


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