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(Metal yolk)/(porous ceria shell) nanostructures for high-performance plasmonic photocatalysis under visible light


yolk–shell nanostructures, ceria, metal nanoparticles, plasmon resonance, photocatalysis


We describe a route to the preparation of (metal yolk)/(porous ceria shell) nanostructures through the heterogeneous growth of ceria on porous metal nanoparticles followed by the calcination-induced shrinkage of the nanoparticles. The approach allows for the control of the ceria shell thickness, the metal yolk composition and size, which is difficult to realize through common templating approaches. The yolk/shell nanostructures with monometallic Pt and bimetallic PtAg yolks featuring plasmon-induced broadband light absorption in the visible region are rationally designed and constructed. The superior photocatalytic activities of the obtained nanostructures are demonstrated by the selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol under visible light. The excellent activities are ascribed to the synergistic effects of the metal yolk and the ceria shell on the light absorption, electron–hole separation and efficient mass transfer. Our synthesis of the (metal yolk)/(porous ceria shell) nanostructures points out a way to the creation of sophisticated heteronanostructures for high-performance photocatalysis.

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