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Double drumheadlike surface states in elemental group V nodal line semimetals


double drumheadlike surface states, nodal line semimetals, elemental materials, electronic structure


Drumheadlike surface states are typical characteristics in nodal line semimetals and bring varieties of unusual attractive properties. Here we demonstrate the double drumheadlike surface states in group V elemental semimetals As, Sb, Bi, which family materials behave a nodal line topology with a 3D flowerlike nodal line, using first-principles calculations. On (001) surface of group V elemental semimetals, the projection pattern of the nodal line overlaps and a complicated double drumheadlike surface state appears inside the overlapped region. This double surface state is widely distributed on the surface region up to a penetration depth of 3.5 nm, which is much deeper than the depth of single surface state on (111) surface. Given that the simplicity of the elemental structure and the small gap induced by the spin orbit coupling, this family materials are promising candidates for the experimental observation of the novel double drumheadlike surface state.

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