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Solvothermal-assisted assembly of MoS2 nanocages on graphene sheets to enhance the electrochemical performance of lithium-ion battery


nanocomposites, MoS2 nanocages, graphene, lithium-ion battery


An ordered hollow MoS2 nanocages/RGO nanocomposite is constructed by a simple solvothermal-assisted assembly method combined with freeze-drying and annealing. In this novel nanostructure, hollow MoS2 nanocages are homogeneously distributed on graphene sheets with a tight bond of C−O−Mo. The nanosized and hollow MoS2 nanocages can effectively accommodate the huge volume change during charge/discharge process and increase the number of electrochemical reaction active sites, accelerating the kinetics of lithiation/delithiation. The tight C−O−Mo bond between graphene and MoS2 further reinforces the structural stability, thus improve the electrical conductivity and substantially enhance the lithium storage performance of MoS2 anode material. As a result, this novel nanocomposite shows a long-cycle stability of 717.4 mAh·g−1 after 800 cycles at a high current density of 3 A·g−1, exhibiting great potential as an anode nanocomposite for advanced lithium-ion batteries.

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