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Electrochemical conversion of CO2 to syngas with a wide range of CO/H2 ratio over Ni/Fe binary single-atom catalysts


CO2 reduction, syngas, binary single-atom catalyst, electrocatalysis


A series of carbon-based binary single-atom catalysts of Fe and Ni coordinated by nitrogen are fabricated using a glucose-chelating method. Depending on the Ni/Fe content, they exhibit a wide-range of controllable CO/H2 ratio from 0.14 to 10.86, which is meaningful to specific chemical processes. The durability of the catalyst is evaluated over an 8-hour period with no significant degradation of activity. The variation of the faradaic efficiency with Ni/Fe content is justified by density-functional-theory based calculation of the reaction barrier in both hydrogen evolution and CO2 reduction reactions.


Tsinghua University Press