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Electrocatalytic N2 reduction to NH3 with high Faradaic efficiency enabled by vanadium phosphide nanoparticle on V foil


vanadium phosphide nanoparticle, N2 reduction reaction, electrocatalysis, density functional theory


To develop highly efficient electrochemical catalysts for N2 fixation is important to sustainable ambient NH3 production through the N2 reduction reaction (NRR). Herein, we demonstrate the development of vanadium phosphide nanoparticle on V foil as a highefficiency and stable catalyst for ambient NH3 production with excellent selectivity. The high Faradaic efficiency of 22% with a large NH3 yield of 8.35 × 10−11 mol·s−1·cm−2 was obtained at 0 V vs. the reversible hydrogen electrode in acid solution, superior to all previously studied V-based NRR catalysts. Density functional theory calculations are also utilized to have an insight into the catalytic mechanism.

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