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Ultra-stable K metal anode enabled by oxygen-rich carbon cloth


K metal anode, dendrite, oxygen-rich treated carbon cloth, K-philic sites, ultra-long-life


The K metal batteries are emerged as promising alternatives beyond commercialized Li-ion batteries. However, suppressing uncontrolled dendrite is crucial to the accomplishment of K metal batteries. Herein, an oxygen-rich treated carbon cloth (TCC) has been designed as the K plating host to guide K homogeneous nucleation and suppress the dendrite growth. Both density function theory calculations and experimental results demonstrate that abundant oxygen functional groups as K-philic sites on TCC can guide K nucleation and deposition homogeneously. As a result, the TCC electrode exhibits an ultra-long-life over 800 cycles at high current density of 3.0 mA·cm–2 for 3.0 mA·h·cm–2. Furthermore, the symmetrical cells can run stably for 2,000 h with low over-potential less than 20 mV at 1.0 mA·cm–2 for 1.0 mA·h·cm–2. Even at a higher current of 5.0 mA·cm–2, the TCC electrode can still stably cycle for 1,400 h.

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