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Efficient synthesis of lithium rare-earth tetrafluoride nanocrystals via a continuous flow method


lithium rare earth tetrafluoride, upconversion illuminant nanocyrstal, silicon carbide reactor, flow chemistry


As an important upconversion illuminant material, LiREF4 nanocrystals were efficiently synthesized in a continuous reactor with the assistant of a new precursor solution. The employed trioctylamine solvent in the solution had a strong interaction with HF, and helped to avoid the generation of unnecessary solid components as LiF and NH4REF4 during the reaction. A silicon carbide reactor was developed to carry out the synthesis reaction, where LiYF4:Yb,Er/Ho/Tm quickly nucleated in 5 min at 300 °C. The reaction time to successfully prepare 15 nm sized nanocrystals was less than 30 min, and the space-time yield of the flow synthesis method was 14.8 times that of a control group batch reaction. The prepared nanocrystals had a strong illuminant ability, which could find its use in the area of security mark printing.

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