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Highly conductive dodecaborate/MXene composites for high performance supercapacitors


dodecaborate, MXene, supercapacitors, electrostatic adsorption


With the increasingly prominent energy and environmental issues, the supercapacitors, as a highly efficient and clean energy conversion and storage devices, meet the requirements well. However, it is still a challenge to enhance the capacitance and energy density of supercapacitors. A novel and highly conductive dodecaborate/MXene composites have been designed for high performance supercapacitors. The surface charge property of MXene was modified by a simple ultrasonic treatment with ammonium ion, and the dodecaborate ion can be inserted into the inner surface of MXene by electrostatic adsorption. Due to the unique icosahedral cage conjugate structure formed by the B–B bond and the highly delocalized three-dimensional π bond structure of the electrons, the negative charge is delocalied on the whole dodecaborate ion, which reduces the ability to bind to cations. Therefore, the cations can move easily, and the dodecaborate can act as a "lubricant" for ion diffusion between the MXene layers, which significantly improves the ion transfer rate of supercapacitors. The dodecaborate/MXene composites can achieve an extremely high specific capacitance of 366 F·g−1 at a scan rate of 2 mV·s−1, which is more than eight times higher than that of MXene (43 F·s−1) at the same scan rate. Our finding provides a novel route on the fabrication of the high performance supercapacitors.

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