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Pressure-dependent phase transition of 2D layered silicon telluride (Si2Te3) and manganese intercalated silicon telluride


silicon telluride, Si2Te3, high pressure, diamond anvil cell, 2D layered material


Two-dimensional (2D) layered silicon telluride (Si2Te3) nanocrystals were compressed to 12 GPa using diamond anvil cell techniques. Optical measurements show a color change from transparent red to opaque black indicating a semiconductor-to-metal phase transition. Raman scattering was used to observe the stiffening of the crystal lattice and subsequent phase behavior. A possible phase transition was observed at 9.5  0.5 GPa evidenced by the disappearance of the A1g stretching mode. Si2Te3 was intercalated with elemental manganese to ~ 1 at.%. Intercalation lowers the pressure of the proposed phase transition to 7.5  1 GPa. Raman modes show both phonon stiffening and phonon softening, suggesting negative linear compressibility. These results provide fundamental insight into the high-pressure optical phonon behavior of silicon telluride and illuminate how a specific electron-donating intercalant can chemically alter pressure-dependent optical phonon behavior.

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