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Nanomaterials for the abatement of cadmium (II) ions from water/wastewater


nanomaterials, cadmium, adsorption, pollution control, water purification, heavy metal


The rapid rise of modern industry is the source of unchecked effluents containing many pernicious heavy metals (e.g., cadmium). To rehabilitate the ecology, food resources, and health of humans and animals, various conventional methodologies are being used in wastewater treatment facilities for the abatement of cadmium. Nonetheless, the development of advanced, economical, and efficient adsorbents is needed because of the many shortcomings of conventional methods (e.g., high cost, intensive operation, and inefficiency). Recent advancements in materials science and chemistry have introduced the use of nanomaterials, which possess very high specific surface areas and multiple functionalities, for the removal of specific targets such as cadmium. This review explores the recent developments and trends in nanomaterial adsorption technology for the mitigation of cadmium. The paper further surveys the present obstacles and future opportunities for the advancement of nanomaterial-based technologies in the area of water treatment.

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