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Highly efficient and stable white LEDs based on pure red narrow bandwidth emission triangular carbon quantum dots for wide-color gamut backlight displays


High-performance white light-emitting diodes (WLEDs) hold great potential for the next-generation backlight display applications. However, achieving highly efficient and stable WLEDs with wide-color-gamut has remained a formidable goal. Reported here is the first example of pure red narrow bandwidth emission triangular CQDs (PR-NBE-T-CQDs) with photoluminescence peaking at 610 nm. The PR-NBE-T-CQDs synthesized from resorcinol show high quantum yield (QY) of 72% with small full width at half maximum of 33 nm. By simply controlling the reaction time, pure green (PG-) NBE-T-CQDs with high QY of 75% were also obtained. Highly efficient and stable WLEDs with wide-colorgamut based on PR- and PG-NBE-T-CQDs was achieved. This WLED showed a remarkable wide-color gamut of 110% NTSC and high power efficiency of 86.5 lumens per Watt. Furthermore, such WLEDs demonstrate outstanding stability. This work will set the stage for developing highly efficient, low cost and environment-friendly WLEDs based on CQDs for the next-generation wide-color gamut backlight displays.

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