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Novel hollow Ni0.33Co0.67Se nanoprisms for high capacity lithium storage


Ni0.33Co0.67Se, hollow nanoprisms, anode, high capacity, lithium-ion batteries


In this work, homogeneous Ni0.33Co0.67Se hollow nanoprisms were synthesized successfully in virtue of Kirkendall effect. It is the first time for bimetallic Ni-Co compounds Ni0.33Co0.67Se to be used in lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). Impressively, the Ni0.33Co0.67Se hollow nanoprisms show superior specific capacity (1,575 mAh/g at the current density of 100 mA/g) and outstanding rate performance (850 mAh/g at 2,000 mA/g) as anode material for LIBs. This work proves the potential of bimetallic chalcogenide compounds as high performance anode materials for LIBs.

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