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A novel near-infrared light responsive 4D printed nanoarchitecture with dynamically and remotely controllable transformation


near-infrared light responsive, 4D printing, dynamically and remotely controllable, graphene, brain, neural stem cell


Four-dimensional (4D) printing is an emerging and highly innovative additive manufacturing process by which to fabricate pre-designed, self-assembly structures with the ability to transform over time. However, one of the critical challenges of 4D printing is the lack of advanced 4D printing systems that not only meet all the essential requirements of shape change but also possess smart, dynamic capabilities to spatiotemporally and instantly control the shape-transformation process. Here, we present a facile 4D printing platform which incorporates nanomaterials into the conventional stimuli-responsive polymer, allowing the 4D printed object to achieve a dynamic and remote controlled, on-time and position shape transformation. A proof-of-concept 4D printed brain model was created using near-infrared light (NIR) responsive nanocomposite to evaluate the capacity for controllable 4D transformation, and the feasibility of photothermal stimulation for modulating neural stem cell behaviors. This novel 4D printing strategy can not only be used to create dynamic 3D patterned biological structures that can spatiotemporally control their shapes or behaviors of transformation under a human benign stimulus (NIR), but can also provide a potential method for building complex self-morphing objects for widespread applications.

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