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Recent advances in the synthesis and applications of anisotropic carbon and silica-based nanoparticles


anisotropy, carbon and silica-based nanoparticles, practical application, structural complexity


Colloidal nanoparticles with anisotropic architectures have attracted a variety of interest and attention due to different physical and chemical properties compared with the isotropic counterparts, making them promising candidates in many fundamental studies and practical applications. Particularly, carbon and silica-based anisotropic nanoparticles can be one stand out by combing both intrinsic merits of carbons and silica, such as structural stability, biocompatibility, large surface area, and ease of functionalization with the anisotropic structural complexity. In this review, we aim to provide an updated summary of the research related to the anisotropic carbon and silica-based nanostructures, covering both their synthesis and applications.

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