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Structural isomer and high-yield of Pt1Ag28 nanocluster via one-pot chemical wet method


Pt1Ag28 nanocluster, one-pot synthesis, structural isomerization, high yield, strong fluorescence


In order to understand the structure–property correlation and explore the application of metal nanoclusters, it is important and intriguing to determine their crystal structure and obtain high-yield. At the same time, this is also a challenge in nanoscience and technology. Here, we report the highly efficient synthesis of Pt1Ag28 nanocluster via one-pot chemical wet method. The crystal structure of Pt1Ag28 nanocluster was determined by X-ray crystallography to be a face centered cubic (FCC) kernel. This novel structure is the structural isomerization of Pt1Ag28 nanocluster reported before. This phenomenon is first discovered in the synthesis of alloy nanoclusters. In addition, Pt1Ag28 nanocluster has high yield and exhibits potential optics in the near infrared (NIR) fluorescent imaging. The time-dependent density functional theory (TD-DFT) calculation implied that the optical property of Pt1Ag28 was sensitive to its structure. This work provides a simple method to synthesize alloy nanoclusters with structural isomerization.

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