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Multifunctional core-shell-like nanoarchitectures for hybrid supercapacitors with high capacity and long-term cycling durability


copper hydroxide, layered double hydroxides, core-shell, hybrid supercapacitors, energy density, self-powered devices


Transition metal oxide/hydroxide with multifunctional hierarchical nanostructures has attracted widespread attention in supercapacitors (SCs) because of their large accessible surface area, high electrochemical activity and superior redox chemistry. Herein, core-shell-like copper (Cu) hydroxide nanotube arrays grafted nickel aluminum layered double hydroxide nanosheets were facilely synthesized on porous Cu foam (CH NTAs@NiAl LDH NSs) for use as an efficient battery-type electrode in hybrid SCs. With the synergistic effects of NiAl LDH NSs on well-adhered CH NTAs/CF, the core-shell-like composite (prepared for 24 h) delivered a maximum areal capacity of 334.3 μAh/cm2 at a current density of 3 mA/cm2 in 2 M KOH electrolyte, which is comparatively higher than other samples synthesized at different growth times. Moreover, the core-shell-like CH NTAs@NiAl LDH NSs-24 demonstrated an outstanding cycling stability of 134.3% after 10,000 cycles. Utilizing high capacity and stability of CH NTAs@NiAl LDH NSs-24, a pouch-type hybrid SC was further assembled with core-shell-like composite as a positive electrode and reduced graphene oxide as a negative electrode with a filter paper as a separator in aqueous alkaline electrolyte. The hybrid SC showed a high areal capacity of 250 μAh/cm2 at 2 mA/cm2 with maximum areal energy and power densities of 181.9 μWh/cm2 and 24,991.5 μW/cm2, respectively. Successfully harvesting the solar energy via solar cell panel and subsequently delivering the stored energy to switching and proximity applications also demonstrated the real-time applicability of our hybrid SCs.

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