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In-situ fabrication of PtSe2/GaN heterojunction for self-powered deep ultraviolet photodetector with ultrahigh current on/off ratio and detectivity


PtSe2, heterojunction, deep ultraviolet, photodetectors, self-powered


The research of ultraviolet photodetectors (UV PDs) have been attracting extensive attention, due to their important applications in many areas. In this study, PtSe2/GaN heterojunction is in-situ fabricated by synthesis of large-area vertically standing two-dimensional (2D) PtSe2 film on n-GaN substrate. The PtSe2/GaN heterojunction device demonstrates excellent photoresponse properties under illumination by deep UV light of 265 nm at zero bias voltage. Further analysis reveals that a high responsivity of 193 mA·W–1, an ultrahigh specific detectivity of 3.8 × 1014 Jones, linear dynamic range of 155 dB and current on/off ratio of ~ 108, as well as fast response speeds of 45/102 μs were obtained at zero bias voltage. Moreover, this device response quickly to the pulse laser of 266 nm with a rise time of 172 ns. Such high-performance PtSe2/GaN heterojunction UV PD demonstrated in this work is far superior to previously reported results, suggesting that it has great potential for deep UV detection.

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