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Solution-processed highly adhesive graphene coatings for corrosion inhibition of metals


graphene, metal, surface coating, corrosion, solution process


ABSTRACT The corrosion of metals can be induced by different environmental and operational conditions, and protecting metals from corrosion is a serious concern in many applications. The development of new materials and/or technologies to improve the efficiency of anti-corrosion coatings has attracted renewed interest. In this study, we develop a protective coating composed of a bilayer structure of reduced graphene oxide (RGO)/graphene oxide (GO) applied to Cu plates by spray-coating and subsequent annealing. The annealing of the GO/Cu plates at 120 °C produces a bilayer structure of RGO/GO by the partial reduction of the spray-coated GO layer. This induces superior corrosion resistance and adhesion strength compared to those of GO/Cu and RGO/Cu plates because of the hydrophobic nature of the RGO surface exposed to the surroundings and the formation of Cu–O bonds with the O-based functional groups of GO. This approach provides a viable and scalable route for using graphene coatings to protect metal surfaces from corrosion.

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