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The promoting effect of low-level sulfidation in PdCuS nanoparticles catalyzed alkyne semihydrogenation


bimetallic nanoparticle, sulfidation, semihydrogenation, alkynes


ABSTRACT The promoting effect of sulfur sources is an intriguing but poorly understood phenomenon. Herein, we studied the treatment of PdCu bimetallic nanoparticles (NPs) with different amounts of sulfur powder. Low-level sulfidation led to the generation of a Pd30Cu10S9 NP catalyst consisting of surface enriched Pd NPs, electron deficient Pd and Cu, as well as zero valence sulfur. The Pd30Cu10S9 NP catalyst showed pronouncedly enhanced activity and selectivity in the semihydrogenation of alkynes. Our study revealed for the first time a possible cause for the promoting effect of sulfur at the atomic level, suggesting a new strategy in catalyst design.

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